Concrete Repairs of (Additional Works) in AlShoaibah Power&Desalination Plants Phase-I

Concrete Repair of Additional Structures in Shoaibah Power & Desalination Plant (Phase 1). The Plant was constructed for almost 25 years ago and has been continuous in operation until now. The Plant is located on the sea shore of the Red Sea in Western Province of Saudi Arabia and produces electric power and potable water which are transmitted or serve and supply to different region of Saudi Arabia.
The main object of this project is to repair all the damaged concrete structures within Shoaibah Power& Desalination Plant (Phase 1). The scopes of work detailed below undergo some repair like Jacketing, Re-skinning, Patch repair, Local repair, Demolition and Reconstruction. The repair structures and components treated in this project are mostly concrete reinforced with still bars and applying protective coating. Concrete cracks, voids, spalling, leaks and various surfaces also part of the scope of works. The settled area will be removed and repaired as mention in the work procedure of every specific area.

1 Demolish Works 55,867 m2
2 Concrete Works 15,320 m3
3 Reinforced Steel Fixing 2,220 ton
4 Coating Works 110,013 m2
5 Excavation & Backfilling Works 13,147 m3
6 Permanent Steel Support Works 489 ton






Jeddah, KSA

Contract Date 



Completion Date



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