EPWTS 2. Phase Project has Started to Deliver Operation Service

As it might be recalled, Yüksel has undertaken the construction of the EPWTS-II Eastern Province Water Transmission System - Phase 2 with the contract we signed on March 2, 2008. After a fast-paced and intensive construction period, the construction of the pump station, transmission lines and the stations that will provide water to the main parts of the system has been completed and the different parts of the project’s system have gradually begun to be operated. The project’s first phase supports the Jubail Sea Water Desalination Plant, which has been meeting the water needs of the capital Riyad since June 28, 2010. Recently, the project’s second phase was brought to the stage of completion and started to be operated in order to meet the regional water needs. With the completion of the project, 9 cities and towns located in the Eastern Region have received the fresh water they have desired for so many years.

The project is worth 400,000,000 USD and Yüksel has fully initiated the projection, provision and construction processes, It is one of the most important investments in Saudi Arabia in terms of its function. The Project is also very important to Yüksel, since it is the biggest Engineering-Procurement-Construction project that has been undertaken.

As mentioned above, the second phase works of the project have been completed and have started to be gradually put into operation. Within this context, the water feeding operation to Dammam city, which consumes the greatest amount of water in the region, began on November 23, 2010. Following that, the supply of fresh water to other cities and towns started.

SWCC Governor H.E. Dr. Fahied F. Al-Shareef highlighted the projects operation in a ceremony that attracted great attention from the country’s press due to its importance.

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